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LED Display

Nowadays, urban LED screens have got a huge application in “Information Technology” & beneficial communication with a large amount of

With no doubt the advertisement extent development, has a vital role in environment decoration & excitement of viewers.

Considering the imperious need of different governmental & private organizations to make a strong communication with public, all types of urban displays (Indoor & Outdoor), have an important role in fulfilling this goal.

Parse Trading Company has the honor to provide all respected customers’ needs & is ready to answer all technical & professional demands in such a short time.

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Category: Indoor LED Display
Pixel pitch : 8mm
Cabinet Size : 768mm*512mm


Category: Indoor LED Display
Pixel pitch : 6mm
Cabinet Size : 768mm*576mm
Pixel pitch : 25mm
Cabinet Size : 1200mm*800mm
Pixel pitch : 20mm
Cabinet Size : 1280mm*960mm
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